Lunar Crush - Perfect Tool To Gauge Project Blank


Go and have a look for yourselves by clicking this link HIVE

I think understanding the influence of social media and marketing will go a long way to helping Hive increase in value helping the blockchain grow. This doesn't just benefit Hive, but everything connected to it like Leofinance as we are all one big family. What is good for one is also good for the other and that is the way this has to be thought of.

Lunar Crush is a site dedicated to social media in crypto and the correlation between activity and price. They believe the more activity involved in a particular token it has an impact on the pricing. This makes sense as if everyone sees the price movement of something doing well then they would normally talk about it or mention it in a tweet or something.

Chillz in one day had over 7 milion mentions and 3026 posts which is a massive increase over 24 hours. This activity made them go to the top of the rankings. Staying there is another story altogether as that I believe is something we can achieve that other blockchains can't. Our community is an active community with a decent sized number like a mini army.



Thorchain is a perfect example of social media linked to price as we all know how well they have been doing lately. Social volume up nearly 60% and social engagement up over 100%. These figures are impressive but they don't have the weapon we have about to be released (wen) in Project Blank.

Hive is sitting at 79 out of 2079 and 64/100 in the Galaxy Lunar score charts. We just dropped down to 50/100 so maybe something is happening with the price.This is where we need tools like Project Blank to make the difference as it clearly shows what type of impact this could really have. I think by using sites like Lunar Crush we can actually gauge our activity and use it to our advantage.

According to Lunar's algorithm if we can set social media on fire with our new tool then it should have an impact on the price. A proper Project Blank campaign giving it a full go will tell us very quickly where to concentrate our efforts as we have a site to check social media data against activity.

We saw what can happen with the engagements on Leofinance going through the roof and this needs to be another concentrated effort once we have Project Blank. Lets hope this happens very soon when it is finally ready.

I am sure @nathanmars must be aware of this site if not then he has something to gauge his current activity against as he is listed on Lunar Crush as a key influencer of Hive.