How The Rich Get Rich

We are not doing badly by being active on Leofinance and Hive.

Some get lucky, some inherit and others make it by having something we should all be doing. What I am talking about is multiple income streams which all add up at the end of the day into a rather decent income. Research has shown most millionaires have many income streams and not just one or two.

Some of us are already doing more than most by just being active on the Hive blockchain and not only by blogging and curating, but also with farming our precious #CUB.

The 7 Streams Of Wealth Are:

!. Earned Income. What the vast majority of us know working your daily job earning a monthly salary. This is a comfort zone where no risks are taken and people tend to settle. That was the case for many, but that seems to be changing these days. People always want more and should be looking for opportunities yet surprisingly many don't.

2.Profit Income Buying and selling a product becoming a middleman taking a percentage.

3.Rental Income Purchasing a property and renting it out paying off the bond to eventually one day make an income from the rental.

4.Capital Gains Income. Crypto and stock trading which funny enough most of us are active in this field. Being in crypto tends to lead you down this path as the markets are too tempting with all the volatility around.

5.Dividend Income. Buying shares in a company that makes you an investor owner which ultimately pays you out a percentage of the company profits.

6.Interest Income. When you take out a policy or a savings scheme or invest in a bank account that generates you a small stream of income. These days they are very small and a stream would be non existent unless you had millions.

7.Royalty Income is something you may have developed or built like a game or a software program that people pay you to use. This would be limited to a set few who have the skills to develop something worthwhile and not me lol. Some or actually quite a few here could benefit from this as many of you are developers. I do tend to forget how many developers actually make up the community around us.

We often here about having multiple income streams to get ahead in life and we are already doing this. Hive can be an active or passive income for many of us depending on the price of the token and also where you live in the world.

Over the last month with the Hive price having increased considerably HiveStats puts my earnings somewhere around $2200 if I include Leo. This excludes CUB farmed and any of the other tribe tokens which is quite amazing really. I still don't see this though as the benefit is to grow ones stake and not see it as riches in your pocket. The 50 Hive you earn today may only be worth $35 now but who says that todays earnings cant be worth $200 when Hive is now $4 each. The same applies to your Leo and your CUB as they can only go up over time.

Generating revenue schemes is what we are all doing whether it is just by being active or trading in crypto. This makes everyone on Hive above average if we compare to the everyday person in the street. Many people I know worked for a few companies in their careers and the extra was some shares they received but most never had extra streams of revenue.

How wealthy will this make us we will only know in the years to follow but we have given ourselves a very good chance of getting ahead. We are all early to the game and that means we get the best seats in the house as this place will fill up at some point.