Hive The Billion Dollar Market Cap


We Were Classified As A Mid Cap A Few Weeks Ago

Just a few weeks ago Hive had a Billion Dollar market cap which is kind of important in more ways than one can imagine. Hive dies need to break into the large cap elite group at some point however which is more than 10 x from here where we currently sit. The crypto money cycle shown in the illustration above is how things have been working up until now and will most likely continue for a short while at least. I personally believe this cycle has to change and will change.

Obviously the one point is that the price makes your project more visible for some reason as humans are a funny breed of animal. Investors seem to only take something seriously once it already has value which is kind of the opposite of what we all think. The small caps where Hive is back again due to the drop in price are seen as more of a a gamble. We on Hive know differently and it is only a mater of time before we start climbing the market cap rankings.

The higher the ranking the more seriously you are taken as a project and that in so many ways is just wrong. The investors who are going to make serious returns are the ones that do their homework researching various projects. The crypto's that have genuine use cases and not just because it is used on DeFi as it should have something else in my opinion.

The likes of Hive stand out as the ability to invest and earn make them unique in so many ways. This uniqueness will attract the masses at some point and then that is when the market cap will go nuts. Demand is what fuels price increases and having a growing community that is on the increase it is only a matter of time.

The money cycle in so many ways tells us that the crypto markets are very
young and need to mature which will still be years away. The idea of taking money out of crypto by users who are involved with it working with it daily doesn't make sense. Keeping your crypto and using crypto as a means of purchase does, but into FIAT doesn't.

At some point the money flowing into crypto has to stay in crypto and not back into FIAT which will happen at some point. Peoples mindsets are already changing and why we are seeing so many options being offered where you can use crypto debit cards. This illustration will change within the next few years as more and more FIAT is staked never coming back out as FIAT ever again.

Looking back to just 2 years ago things have moved forward so much with the introduction of DeFi and most cryptos offering staking. The APR is far superior than what is on offer in FIAT and by the establishments that there is now no need to even consider cashing out. This is the nightmare scenario facing banks as instead of being part of it they will be out in the cold. Shortsightedness and greed is going to kill them off and they only have themselves to blame.

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