Having Stake In The Game Will Be Crucial


Having been on Hive for some time now I can some what see the bigger picture and how important a role stake is going to play in the near future. Stake and the ability to have a big enough stake in the years to come will become a crucial part of how well everyone does.

Over the last 42 months the aim has been to grow as fast as possible and that hasn't changed. There have been some welcome distractions along the way like LBI and SEED oh and not forgetting Kingdoms having to purchase BNB. That is all part of growing though and being involved in what is happening around us on Hive.

Reward Pool

This is something that has had me thinking over and over as the size of the reward pool doesn't increase when more users arrive on Hive. With Splinterlands we have seen the number of accounts increase over the last few months and there have been a few new users filtering over onto the Hive tribes.

A public pool that is not so busy is like our reward pool right now being shared by only a few if we understand what is coming.

Currently there are just over two million accounts (2,026,521) and thankfully those are not all active on the blockchain for now. Many of those are no doubt alts as many of us have more than 1 account. What happens though if another million users arrive within the next 6 months or a year arrive to earn there slice of the pie?


According to @penguinpablo latest report on Hive we have about 15 000 daily active accounts give or take as this is to get an idea of the impact of a sudden rush of new users. The reward pool currently is sitting at 788,098.702HIVE (hivetasks) and doesn't grow when more users arrive. This is shred out with whoever else is earning and adding another million users is not huge considering the numbers of people out there looking for extra sources of income. That is over 60 x the number of active users we have currently so whatever rewards you are earning now would drop considerably.

Many have mentioned in the past that one day the best way to make rewards is via curation thus having stake is that important. The ability to earn Hive will become harder and harder to earn the more people that arrive. Looking back at posts earning 50 Hive may seem like wishful thinking in a few years time the same way we saw posts on the old block chain receive 1000's. 5 Hive may become that type of equivalent in 2 years time depending on how many users are here.

This is a numbers game and understanding the value of the stake you have will depend on how much you earn in the future via curation/interest or whatever other forms of earning are possible. The ability to earn via posting will still be there, but the ability to earn a bucket full of Hive won't.

I have seen many say they wish for mass adoption to happen quickly yet they don't have much stake. Many will regret wishing for something that could affect their earning capabilities on here as once the numbers arrive the ability to earn Hive will change. Having stake is more important than many might still think and there is still an urgency to grow like never before as the clock is ticking.

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