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This has been a major issue amongst the most highly productive people. Hence, it begs the question - is it possible to have a work life balance, and still be a high performer? Most successful businessmen have always found out that one must overshadow the other. It's either you're working so much that your personal life suffers or vice versa.

From most cases, we see very successful men who favor their work more than their personal life. The question now is - Is it possible that there's a real balance in ones work and life, and still maintain high level success at the same time? From history, we've found out that during the beginning phases of a business, it's almost possible not too work so much that your personal life suffers.

When starting a business, it takes so much effort and energy to get things running smoothly. At this phase of the business, if you as a businessman don't give it as much time as it deserves, the business may not succeed. As a result, you may have to sacrifice family time and your personal life at the starting point. But as time goes by, and you're able to get the business grounded, you may be able to free up some more time for yourself.

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You may really have solid problems if at the early phases of your business, you're still trying to balance things out. This is a painful reality for most businessmen, and this sets the difference between most of the extremely wealthy and the average and the unsuccessful businessmen. A great many men cannot make the sacrifice of not having a personal life, or not going home early to the family. When starting out, you'll definitely need to put in more work hours.

As time goes by, you'd have arranged your business properly, such that most of the heavy lifting it done by someone else that you pay handsomely for their efforts. At these later stages, you can easily balance your work and personal life. From many history books, it's important to put your work first when you're still young and building the foundation for your business. Because in the end - it's difficult to have a lovely personal life, if you've not managed your financial life properly.

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