Splinterlands Sign-Up Promo Deal | Free DEC & Rentals !

I have been offering a win-win sign-up deal for everyone that got into Splinterlands this past year with my Referral Link onboarding a lot of players who pretty much all should have done well by now since the game gained a lot of popularity with prices all being at an all-time high. With the new rental system making it much easier and cheaper for new players to get in and do well, I adjusted what I have as an offer from here on out...

In the past, new players who just signed up to play Splinterlands got instantly hit by a pay-wall requiring more money to be invested a couple of games after paying the required 10$ for the Summoner's Spellbook which unlocks the rewards. Everyone that signed up with my Referral Link usually within 24 hours got a ton of extra cards leased to them boosting their collection power in most cases above 5000. This allowed them to easily climb also getting a multiple in rewards once reaching bronze 1.

It was a very good setup even though it cost me 15-20 minutes manually leasing 30+ cards to new players as it allowed me to buy more cards with the affiliate earnings improving on the deal I was able to offer while also growing my own collection. Right now with the new renting system, it is made very easy and cheap for new players to climb the rank basically with earnings they get from the game. (skill plays a major part in this as shown by some experienced players who managed to reach quite high starting from nothing with a new account)

New Sign-Up Deal

** I'm doing these manually, so it may take up to 24 hours before you receive these.

  • 100 DEC To Start
    With rentals being quite cheap at the lower levels going from 0.1 DEC to rent a card for 1 day, it is cheaper than ever for new players to get into Splinterlands and start earning & climbing the rankings to increase what they earn being able to lease better cards and so on. The DEC earnings new players get for each win in the bronze league at the start are really low though, so I will be sending everyone that signs up with my link 100 DEC to start off with giving them a head start without a requirement to invest more leasing the cards they want to.
  • Free Card Rentals
    I'm still sitting on a lot of cards which pretty much all exploded in price recently so I'm starting to take a bit of profit on some of them. I will still rent at least 10 extra cards to new players. These rentals won't be removed for as long as the cards are being used by the players which is a rule I have always respected and will continue to do so.

The Furious Chicken is a good example as I have still 42 that are being leased out for free to affiliates who have used it in the past 7 days! This is pretty much an essential card which currently costs ~4$ on the market for a single level 1 and I have 25+ more to be leased out at this point...

The selection of cards I have plenty of where the 10+ promised rentals will most likely come from:

  • Advice For Getting Started
    I have helped many that got into the game after reading one of my articles on Discord after they contacted me with some questions and I'm happy to continue doing this going forward. So if you have any questions about the game or want to make sure that you are in under my link before purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook, feel free to contact me on Discord (username is costanza#2335) on SBC Dicord Server or the Splinterlands Discord Server

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