Gambling Dapp Dividend Report (BFG-SBET-WINK) | More Accumulation

I closely follow ;, &, & which all are part of my Crypto Gambling Dapp Dividend Portfolio. These posts provide info on the passive returns they provide along with the latest news on what's going on with these projects...

I've been cost-averaging a bit more into using the Splinterlands SPS daily airdrop which I believe is a bit overvalued at the moment. At the same time, I'm waiting for fora potential dump once the farming stage is over. My average buy price now is 0.0233$ (currently it trades for ~0.03$) not counting the Dividends I already received these past 7 weeks. Overall I'm quite confident BFG will continue to provide good passive returns despite the fact that more are being mined each day.

I also have enough Data now after 7 weeks to start making some charts which really helps to visualize things being able to make better estimations. Especially the cost for 10k BFG compared to the current returns is quite impressive.

WINK News & Dividends had an ok week but is still underperforming with a continued decline on the 100-day moving average with the time when there was the crazy pump & dump profit-taking opportunity exiting the numbers and the time when there were no dividends because of the DDoS attacks fully being included. The main thing I want to see is a general uptrend which is still very much in play.

This week did see an increase bringing the APY around +15.6% based on the current price and Dividends of last week. (SBET) Dividends and their SBET token still remains the gamble with most potential upside on both the Price and the Dividends even though they still need to get a lot more adoption. I have a soft spot for these projects that actually have a good product with a very low market cap still (~1 Million) and don't mind taking rather large positions in them in terms of the number of coins of the supply I own. I also did this with SPT (See I'm Buying More SPT which worked out better than expected as it gave a 5000%+ return. Not all of these gambles will work out but I'm still quite optimistic on SBET also getting good dividends already now weekly.

The Dividends came back quite a bit last week (from 0.327$ to 0.197$ for 10k SBET) but still is ranging above +0.75% weekly which I consider solid enough.

SBET for me is still in a perfect accumulation zone and I would buy more if I didn't already have quite a heavy bag.

Personal Gambling Dapp Portfolio
My BFG holdings are increased a bit again as I bought a bit more and I continue to add the Farming rewards. My total Gambling Dapp Portfolio now includes 14M WIN / 3.25M SBET / 133k BFG/ 10k TRX / 22 LIVE | 2271 RAKE . This brought a total of 162.28$ in Passive Dividends this week. I continue to be interested in adding other good gambling dapps that pay the losses from the gambler to those holding a token that can't be mined, so if you have one on your radar make sure to let me know...

Full Guides to Decentralized Crypto Bookies I personally use where no KYC is required allowing anonymous betting from any location without individual limits for winning players...

I'm looking forward to what the next week will bring and will be back in 7 days with another report!

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