Ecency vs OCD vs - Which Curator pays more dividends?

Less than a month ago I started a curation project with the purpose of supporting content and helping those who want to dedicate themselves to curation but do not have time.

My project is called and a few have delegated HP with which I have started this work that is not easy, because it has taken me more than 10 hours a day to do a good curation and refine all the details..

After a few days I found that I must define a strategy for this purpose because I can not waste time and resources, so I defined very carefully my strategy to overcome my own limits..

Today I decided to make a comparison of my project with others who have been working for years and thousands of HP delegates to them and here I present the results..

This comparison is made exclusively with the information of the curation APR and all the information is provided by
made with 10 different projects taking the data on February 9, 2022

I'll put the results of my project at the end.

Ecency APR 8.38%

Blocktrades APR 8.57%

Curangel APR: 8.70%

Qurator APR 8.72%

Curie APR 8.83%

OCD APR 8.92%

Mayvileros APR 9.08%

tipU APR 9.39%

And de Winner is

pika_2022_02_09t20_26_58.477z.png APR 10.47%

Check it out here:

if you are interested in participating and support my work simply delegate your HP to and start receiving from 24 hours later, the reward goes up after 7 days, because only after that time is reflected the HP that you have sent.


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