Petrol Shortage - Is it time to move to Electric Vehicle

I have been following the petrol crisis in the UK and thinking about what will happen if the same thing happens to the whole world. The petrol crisis is because of supply and demand in this case, but the problem can be when we have limited petrol. The petrol shortage has started last week when one of the oil firms said that it will temporarily close all the petrol stations because of lorry drivers.


Now following this news person started going to the petrol stations for filling the petrol fearing that the petrol might run out. So actually if we see that the problem is not about the petrol shortage in this case but because there are enough drivers to supply the petrol. And this drivers shortage is triggered mainly because of the pandemic.

Also, it's good to know that the problem is mainly in urban areas and not in rural areas, so it's like people are actually migrating to their countries (European countries) or to their villages for a better cost of living than the urban areas.

We all have learned that petroleum products are nonrenewable which means not now but in future we will get this problem where the petrol crisis will be real which means at that time there will be a shortage of petrol. Though as of now people who all are buying the cars ate buying the fuel car because the fuel stations are easily available and it gives more power.

We should not deny the fact that electric vehicle is the future because the consumption of petrol will be costlier day by day. If we take India into consideration the petrol prices have increased nearly 50% in last two years and it will rise further. And thus the electric vehicle will be economical when compared with the fuel car.


There is a global rise in the adoption of electric vehicles, but the only problem I see today is that we do not have the charging infrastructure all over the world also with the current technology the charging time takes time as compared to the fuel refueling.

Personally I do not have a car and I am not intended to buy one for another 5 years. After 5 years if the infrastructure is in place and if the price suits as per my financial condition then I will definitely buy an electric vehicle. I also have a bike, but for scooter I am thinking of buying OLA Electric Vehicle and use it inside the city limits. The Bike which I have can be used for longer trips. This is my plan for the future to cut down the petrol consumption, what is yours?

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