Let's Understand "Money"

When anyone talks about money, few things which come to everyone's mind is that money is the key to ultimate happiness, the money is what binding us to do things which we do not want to do, we need enough of the money to start doing what we love to do. Now, these things play out differently for different people but one thing that is common is to get Enough Money.


Enough added with the Money gives us the sense of clarity towards our own definition of financial freedom. Though enough differs from person to person, for me enough will be that much so that I do not have to work or that much where I can do what I wanted and not what I do not want. Though enough differs from person to person the amount is quite achievable by everyone with some effort. Though everyone saving is different and because of that to get enough money it quite takes some time.

The problem with all of us is that we always think about becoming financially free and live without money issues but we do not want to think critically about how to achieve it. Like we all cry over the fact that we do not have enough money to save or our poor financial health or even blaming the situations we are in. But the problem is we do not think about increasing our money or even increasing the savings little by little.

Money is important because almost all the goods and services we use are get exchanged with money and that's why money has become the main centre of our life and thus based on the amount of money we have it defines our standard of living. Earl Wilson's quote is apt here that

Always remember, money isn't everything - but also remember to make a lot of it before talking such fool nonsense.

As a kid whenever I heard about Money Plant, I used to think that it is that plant that gives us money and based on that money I can buy anything. I think that is a true analogy if we translate it to the world of finances. That Money Plant is Assets.

If we want our Money Plant to gives us money we want to increase it by increasing the Assets and thus at some point of time it will be that much big so that we don't have to do anything, it will give us the money for our expenses. And thus it boils down to have assets that will eventually help us to create that Money Plant and once that plant is that big so that it can provide us with the expense we want, we do not have to work any more then.

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