3 Day Work Week

We have been hearing companies going for 4 days work week and many companies have already started the transition like Microsoft in Japan etc. But what if I say that there is one startup which is actually offering new hires a three day work week.

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Yes you heard it right, a startup in Bangalore called slice is offering 3 days work week to its new hires. It's like an offer to increase their talent pool i.e. get more technology talent amid shortage of talent. The company is telling that it's a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

Benefit for employers - Retaining Talent and keeping the employees mind fresh.

Benefit for employees - Can pursue their passions or even work on their startups. This also helps employees to maintain an healthy work life balance along with happier workforce.

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Now the real question, is it feasible?

Feasible to have just 3 days of work and you get paid full. It is feasible or not we will see but having 4 days of work has actually increased productivity. We are having lesser and lesser days of work in a week so that employees get rest before coming to work next week.

But there are still companies who asked the employees to work more than 12 hours a day. Does it mean that you have to work 3 days a week but longer hours. I would prefer 8 hours or work 5 days a week rather than longer work hours and reduced days. This is because when you work in a stretch for longer hours, your energy actually drains faster. And you need time to reenergize which can be done by playing, working our or even sleep after the working hours.

Though for 3 days a work week, you get 4 extra days of leave but actually you end up wasting the whole 4 days if you are not working on your passion or if you are not working on your product. 4 days is a big time to rejuvenate either by taking vacation every week but this is just speculation that you will go out every week for a vacation.

So what do you think, 5 days, 4 days, 3 days work week. Will it work to reduce the stress and you will get more time to live a healthy lifestyle?

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