Hive Power Up and Sponsor Day

Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm here with the Thirtieth iteration (can't believe it's been 30 already!) of my "Power Up & Sponsor" initiative! I will try to be doing these monthly, to both join in on the Power Up day festivities but also to add my own flavor to it that I think would be great if more could join in!

Check out the link below for details of what this means exactly!


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To make the posts a bit more readable, I've shortened it up a lot!

You can find my previous edition here which has all of the details and I think is good but this really cuts down on the reading for those folks who are familiar with it by now.

The awesome folks I’m sponsoring today are @depressedfuckup, @chinito and @bertrayo.

These 3 have been really active lately that I've seen and I think that's great! Depressed is a new person to hive which I love supporting! I hope they learned about Hive through the water project that a group was doing in Ghana! Even though Chinito and Bertrayo aren't new, I enjoy supporting and trying to hook these two fellas up as well! Chinito has been dropping by my posts a bit lately and that's great. Bertrayo is an awesome luthier from Venezuela if you haven't checked him out, give it a look!


Power Up!

I would be remiss to not join in on the power up myself! Below is me adding some more Hive Power to my total, getting me closer to that 25k Hive Power goal for the year. That's the optimistic goal. My realistic goal is 23k which I'm pretty confident I'll be able to achieve! The crazy optimistic goal is 30k but I don't know if I'll be able to accomplish that until next year lol


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Connect with me!

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