What constitutes a quality post on Leo Finance?

I've been struggling with a hard decision lately: I have a lot of things going on in my life right now, the amount of time left which I can afford to invest into Leo Finance is getting less and less and something has to give. Because I don't like dropping off the face of the planet ( digitally speaking ) I was thinking about announcing my retirement from long posts altogether and sticking to commenting which is less time consuming and more versatile (meaning I can comment less if I don't have the time).


"But why retire when you can simply post less often ?" I hear you ask. Well, I already post about once a week on average and I think if you want to get people to notice you, you have to post more often and be consistent at it, both things that I can't accomplish at this point or in the foreseeable future.

"But why don't you write shorter posts ?" and so we get to the main topic of this post. Until now I have set a 500 words, 4-5 memes target for my posts because I wanted them to be considered quality posts. The problem is that kind of post can take between 2 and 4 hours to make (sometimes more) because: I make memes just for that post ( I don't recycle them), I try to make the text flow with the memes and also create a sort of TLDR version of the post just by looking at the memes. I might not always succeed in hitting those goals for each post but that's what I'm going for.


I didn't think about writing shorter posts until one of my favorite sugar daddies - trumpman - was amused that my self imposed quality standards prevent me from posting on Leo Finance. So what constitutes the minimum number of words that is considered adequate for a Leo Finance post? can that be around the 200 to 300 mark ? Because if I would drop the word count to those numbers and also make less memes ( around 2-3 ) I think I would be able to still be posting on Leo Finance.

That's why I need some feed back, because I don't want to appear as being lazy or like I'm trying to abuse the system. I'm just trying to figure out if shorter posts are acceptable here or if it's better if I just focus on commenting and leave the posting part to people who are meeting the quality criteria.

If the consensus is that 200 to 300 words posts constitute short form content and it's not appropriate for Leo Finance then you can consider this to be my retirement post and I'll see you in the comments :)

Ps: I'll still be posting my daily meme on memehub and in Leo market talk