Noise cash - this time making some censorship noises ?

Like I said in my first review about noise cash, the platform is very centralized and has all the downsides of traditional social media sites.

noise cash being welcoming.jpg

And one of those downsides just became apparent a few days ago:

noise cash annoucement 1.jpg

So either you shill bitcoin cash or you can go suck a lemon basically. As they see it, they "pay you for ads" when you share links to other crypto sites and by extrapolation they also pay you for regular content. I can't emphasize "they pay you" enough, because any illusion that you can earn stuff has flown out the window. They control where the money goes, if they don't like you for whatever reason then tough luck. Sounds familiar? because that's exactly how centralized social media with all their crappy downsides works.

The only good news is that users have a "grace" period in which they can "atone for their sins" and become obedient little BCH shills.

noise cash announcement.jpg

Some of you might be like: "I'm just gonna share my vacation photos". Personally, I'm not that thrilled about sharing general stuff like that on a platform filled with brain dead and spammy users.

noise cash users.jpg

A notable exception being hive and leo users, but those are about to be alienated by pseudo censorship measures. And I use "pseudo censorship" deliberately because restring the flow of BCH to the users they like will certainly affect the behavior of the users that choose to stay ( a lot of them will leave ) and also new users that will quickly find out that sharing a link to hive might send you to the naughty corner.

I think these are the first in a series of controversial decisions that the team behind noise cash are going to make because as promising as the start of their platform was, they don't have a roadmap I could find, no FAQ, or information about the people working on the project. Really confidence inspiring stuff, I know.

noise cash roadmap.jpg

You can piece together some information from their posts but it's not readily available on their platform, for example it appears that this guy is sponsoring all the tips on noise cash. If you listen to him talk you will see that he's not shady in any shape or form sarcastic cough

Anyway they seem to like my memes and my account has been labelled as "eligible" for receiving free tips

noise cash (1).jpg

What can I say? I'm a good boy for now but no promises in the future :P

Ps: If you want to tip me some rando coins you can also visit me on publish0x:

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