Is noise cash worthy of your chad time ? ( plus what were the gainzzz on day one )

I made an account the other day on noise cash, curious how things were shaping up there and not expecting much if anything. But I was pleasantly surprise by the little Leo community I found there and actually managed to earn some BCH.


The thing about noise cash is that it scratches that instant gratification itch which hive and leo doesn't provide because you obviously have to wait 7 days to get your reward.


After you post your favorite type of short content ( it's a microblogging platform after all) on there, in the first couple of minutes you usually receive some tips and you also get randomly allocated some BCH to distribute as well ( some of it you can distribute to yourself)


That self indulgence of getting crypto into your wallet relatively quickly has it's drawbacks though. The whole thing is centralized AF and they can kick your ass out for whatever reason, if they want to.


That said, it has been a ton of fun posting memes and clowning around over there, not having to worry about "quality" posts and other such "high standards". And on top of that I made almost 1 € worth of BCH just on the first day.


So if you want to have some fun and practice your skillzzz in preparation for Leo's upcoming microblogging
platform head on over to n/leofinance on


I've been saving up my tips so I can make some noise cash noobs happy.


P.s a little something for the guys and gals over on publish0x


but more on that in the future, Cheers!

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