Financial goals for 2021 - May meme-update


Since this month hasn't been the best for the crypto world with all the wild swings and the FUD, I'm gonna start with the positive stuff: I managed to stay on track with my goal of reaching 2000 Leo power before the end of the year despite or thanks to the lower prices, depends on how you look at it. I say despite because many are put off by the current price of Leo and have reduced their activity on chain, on the other hand the rewards are bigger for those that remain active and that has helped me a lot. Currently I'm sitting at almost 870 Leo power and I think I will easily reach 1000 Leo power by the end of June, because reaching half your goal half-way through the year is a pretty good moral boost in my opinion.
I have also been stacking those ecency points and will use a potion of them (for boosting my posts) when HBD or Hive will start mooning again, because I feel you get more out of the ecency upvote that way. I'll let someone smarter do the math on that.
In the shitcoin department I was expecting some more mooning action so I can buy more stable coins for investing in the bear market, but that didn't happen. Also the recent FUD with tether has me a bit worried about stable coins in general.
And now for the bitching and moaning, if you are here only for the positive stuff you have been warned :)


Since Elon has the luxury of saying dumb shit even though that has very real consequences, I think a lowly pleb can complain about things from time to time without feeling guilty.


I know that's not everybody's cup of tea but I have invested a lot of Hive in Leo back when Leo was mooning and Hive was almost worthless, so you could consider meme-ing about the price a cheap form of therapy for me.


Now that I have mentally scared you with a lion doing the thing to a donkey I feel much better, it's always nice to know that somebody else is suffering more than you do :P