1 year of Hive. Happy birthday to the whole ecosystem!

For me it's crazy to think that a year has passed already since Hive first came into existence. Even though the months of scraping the bottom in terms of price were very long, the last couple of months have gone by very quickly and the amount of development taking place is inspiring people to be positive about Hive again.

hive birthday.jpg

Hive's journey in the past year

To say Hive's birth was difficult is an understatement, I will never forget that feeling of uncertainty when Justin Sun tried to pull the rug from under us and force his sock puppet witnesses to the top. I though all that time spent making posts and waiting for steem to improve and reach it's full potential was in vain, just another story about how the rich can have their way and tell you that black is white while screwing you over.

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Selfie of me one year ago

But out of the darkness came new hope when people stepped up and created hive. I didn't think people were serious about it when I first heard the idea and thought it was more like a threat to force Justin Sun to back down. It's incredible how the last ditch effort to save the dream and the community actually worked out for the best. Many are saying that if hive didn't become a thing, we would still be moving at a snail's pace with steem and not really evolving into the blockchain everybody wanted.


I was also worried that the crypto community in general would see us as a clone of steem and nothing more, just as bitcoin diamond ( or the other tons of bitcoin clones) is seen as more of a joke than a serious project. But Hive has proven in the last year that it's the real deal and far more likely to achieve and surpass what was intended for steem. The amount of projects and innovations that are currently under development speak for themselves.

Justin Sun to gulag.jpg

I feel there is something missing from the story in order to have a true happy ending (apart from hive hitting $100 of course), but I'll let you guess what that is :P

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I usually don't recycle my daily meme into my posts but @amr008 liked this one so much that he insisted I use it in a post so here it is

On a personal note I'm happy I didn't give up on hive and that I stumbled upon some great projects like Leo Finance. Also without the memehub community I might have still be missing out on all the fun, so my gratitude goes to them as well. Of course I wish I would have been more active last year but I didn't imagine hive would rise up from the ashes and also have such a successful offspring like Leo, but I guess it's better late than never, right?

discovering leo.jpg

I hope everybody has a wonderful hive celebration party and that in a year's time we'll be discussing how big of an island should we buy to host hive's birthday, live with people :)

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