It's the best time to buy hive !


I baught recently about 1000 hive and I'm keeping that in an exchanger. As you may know, I don't care that much about dollar price, so I'll talk only about bitcoin price.

I think we are crypto people and should compare a crypto only to other crypto because it's incomparable to fiat !

So, I did buy about 1000 hive with about 950 satoshies each. I thought it's a good price because I followed hive for a month and it always showed between about 950 satoshies and 1200. As you see in the chart bellow :


I thought that the price will go up, but it kept going down. Now it's even about 870 satoshies. Like I'm losing my money, but no ! I'm holding. I'm sure this will go up again. I'm sure it's a great time to buy hive at this moment.


I also compared that with the price of bitcoin because I'm folowing them both. When the price of bitcoin goes up, the price of hive goes down a bit in term of bitcoin. So, I'm waiting for bitcoin to crash again to sell hive and earn more bitcoin. Then I will wait when bitcoin goes up again and buy even more hive. My goal is to make 10k hive from 1000 that way. No matter how long it will take me. I want to power it up and I will do that again and again to grow my account in hive.

I think it's cool plan and if more of us will buy more hive, the price will go up again. Then we will have more people here powering up with good amounts.


I don't know if that's healthy for the blockchain itself or not, you tell me. I know that I will find in leofinance the best tips to invest and trade !

I was all the time only earning from my content here and other crypto platforms, but now I would like to learn trading as well. Maybe I still have a chance to be a whale in hive. Who knows.☺

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