HivePay Updates & INDEX Additions

As The Market Goes Up...The INDEX Token Rises!.png

A few quick updates to keep you guys in the loop to what we've got brewing :)

HivePay Live Demo

We had a request from @thelogicaldude to create a live working demo of Hive Pay for people to see it in action...So today we created just such a feature!


=> You can test it out right here!

In a nutshell it'll let you see how the cart works for both checkouts and one time purchases for products.

It's pretty smooth if we do say so ourself :)

If you are having any issues or have any questions with HivePay, please let us know in our Discord channel!

INDEX Additions

The INDEX Token is designed to capture and follow the benchmark of the entire market on Hive-Engine and LeoDex. And we're continuing in the mission to index the market by adding new tokens later today:



This is a newer 'income token' that is capturing the attention of many people in the market. It'll add a ton of value to INDEX and help generate even more dividend rewards for our token holders.

Very excited to be adding this one to the mix!



One of the original communities and tokens on Hive Engine, 'Neoxag' is the currency of Neoxian.City

Honored to get this project into INDEX and support it's community as well! We'll be staking this, as well as curating with the @he-index account going forward too!


INDEX is a buy and hold. It's not designed to be flipped daily but of course, everyone can do as they please. That's the beauty of the free market!

We will continue to add more projects to the INDEX and grow the account to give maximum dividend rewards to holders going forward.

And looks like we'll be building the @dcitygame city for INDEX as well very soon...So expect even more SIM rewards shortly.

And of course, we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve INDEX for everyone involved! Is Almost Ready!

And oh yeah....Get ready for the boom ;) is about to get relaunched....Very soon!