Is POSH token underestimated?

The promotion of posts on social media is an important process for the spread of our community outside, with a potential pool of users of a few billion people. Although it takes a few seconds of our time, a reward system has been created for all users who share their links on Twitter, the social media that concentrates the most admirers and enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies. POSH, Proof Of Share, was initially created as an initiative that rewarded authors who, in addition to writing good content, shared posts on Twitter. Today POSH is a token, distributed to all those who have accumulated posh points in recent months and continue to advertise Hive on social networks.


Creating a currency and distributing it to the community does not create any kind of value for the community but it is necessary to attribute a certain utility. @acidyo has partially confessed that he has different ideas about it and that in some way POSH token can be used as an incentive for their posts, something perhaps similar to @ecency, the Dapp that allows you to accumulate points simply by browsing Hive and interacting with users, points that can be transformed into votes to reward their own content or those of other users.

In this case @ocdb could then distribute a slice of votes in exchange for posh, with all the limits of course, since the VP obviously has a certain consumption and the team is concerned with rewarding many communities belonging to the incubation program. Creating value for a token is not at all simple but it is necessary to build a mechanism that requires continuous demand from users. But I believe that POSH token will also find its usefulness in other areas that can really create value such as an official Hive merchandising.


Posh has a total supply of 1 million tokens, at the moment just over a quarter are in circulation on exchanges or in users' wallets, after having received them via airdrop a few weeks ago. The current price is really very low and I'm accumulating some, I'm sure it can be a great investment for the future, knowing the team behind it.


Staking is not enabled at the moment, so POSH can only be obtained by sharing posts on social media or by purchasing them on the Hive-Engine or Leodex exchange. Could it be the next token to take off? I bet on it!

####Thanks for reading my post! And don't forget to share your content on Twitter with #hive $hive and tag #posh on Hive!

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