BEE challenges Hive price?

HIVE-ENGINE is one of the most successful projects HIVE ever got. Due to this private-funded side-chain, HIVE got more attention in the crypto world. Especially games like Splinterlands, NFT tokens, Diesel Pools changed the direction of HIVE, the main chain.

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BEE plays a crucial role in the HIVE-ENGINE project. Therefore, it became one of the top trading tokens against HIVE. If you watch closely, you can see BEE prices fluctuate between 0.5 HIVE - 1.4 HIVE price range.

BEE is becoming one of the best tokens to trade when HIVE is pumping against USD. During the last HIVE pumped to the 1.5 USD, BEE dropped to 0.7 HIVE per token but recovered faster than other tokens in the Hive-Engine / Tribaldex.

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When referring to the BEE Market Depth Chart, it indicates BEE has a high potential to jump to 2 HIVE per token price level in a recent time. Because every NFT, FT token needs BEE to process their side-chain projects. Therefore, similar to the last price surge of BEE per 2 HIVE, it can reach that price point again.

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