Telos Community Hosts ChallengeDAC Team AMA Session

Earlier today, the ChallengeDAC Community AMA session took place and was hosted by the Telos Community on the Official Telos YouTube channel. It was very informative and educative as a lot of crypto enthusiasts and noobs also were in attendance. The Founder of the ChallengeEOS Dapp gave a brief presentation of what the Challenge app is all about and the upcoming features to expect in the new version update coming up in a few days when the gaming app has been deployed on Telos Blockchain. He also answered series of questions sent in by the Telos Community members.

Watch the AMA video here:

ChallengeEOS App is a EOSIO Blockchain based application which enables users to set up a Geo or task challenge for other users to complete and win Crypto, or carry out challenges to win Crypto.

Download the ChallengeEOS application now on Google PlayStore and AppStore to start creating and receiving Crypto backed challenges.

Android Version:

iOS Version:

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