Lets build our own planet Governance on Alien Worlds


Not so much a post as a message to all hive devs and front end owners, Alien Worlds represents an unprecedented advertising opportunity for hive as well as a lucrative affiliated project. Banano has attempted a project like I'm about to purpose which had a sizeable positive impact on their number of users and asset value. Banano and alien worlds are not connected nor are they partnered with them or WAX the two blockchains an assets completely separate. Their NFT project generated awareness and users for their Dapps increasing the price of the affiliated project Banano.

This was accomplished using planetary governance and their planetary voting system on alien worlds. Governance of a planet on alien worlds gives the governing party certain features such as control over the planets mining. Its this control that gave monkeys a leg up on the NFT competition making their NFTs special and only obtainable via mining in game originally.

You can think of planetary governance as a voting proxy for a DPoS model blockchain in other words the amount of TLM proxied to a Planet controlled by the group or account that has the most weight to their overall investment or investments proxied to them.

Binance recently merged with alien worlds making their asset TLM shoot up in value but this is just the beginning of massive binance updates to gameplay.

Binance will soon have their own planet meaning the other planets will likely see a dip in use perhaps even in their respective governance and staked assets.

This creates a window not yet open yet easy to see coming a point in the near future in the game where taking over a planet governance is something a Hive front end, community, business, service, or game can realistically accomplish.

This can be done a number of ways but the option that would give hive the edge is the popularity option use the massive number of loyal users to get enough TLM mined and delegated to them to achieve governance of a planet at the lowest price point.

The other option probably wouldn't apply to anyone reading this is to force governance by purchasing the millions of dollars worth of TLM required to achieve planetary governance. Not only is this a massive financial risk its also not a likely scenario but hey if your that wealthy and reading my work your welcome to the idea would like a shout out though.

Hive has a loyal fan base that constantly surprises me with their talent and persistence we dont interact as much as we should I'm guilty of this as much as anyone. However events with the right press behind it are impressive in their scope of just how many users take part.

A mining/staking event more or less free to the user with the proper incentive like a competition with hive asset prizes would work quite well front ends have discord events all the time many are quite popular utilizing a similar model for advertising an event like this over the course of several months with weakly minor prizes and a final grand prize. Keeping track of the staked assets is automatically handled by blocks.Io just need a record of which account is paired to the corresponding WAX address.

Minor technical issues that could be handled through discord and a bot

This type of undertaking may be realistically viable and most importantly have a reasonable price point. Cooperation is hives strong suite together we can change social media the internet as a whole has been affected by hives presence and philosophy.

You tube may eventually even have to bend a knee to your business model, it is this user/content first mentality that has cultivated such a loyal fanbase. Every person equally given an opportunity for their work to be seen and monetized regardless of their popularity but based instead on merit and overall investment with that service.

This fandom can move mountains or even overtake an existing governance of a fictional planet in alien worlds.

thanks for coming to my ted talk

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