$1200 Last week only 27.9 Hours more $$ for my Hive/LEO bags


I love waking up to Mondays and seen my phone showing this notification.

So I’ve talked about this before here plenty times I do DoorDash on the side as a hustle to supplement my Crypto addiction this money that I get adjusted goes directly to my crypto.com website and I automatically purchase at the current time ETH, And I stick it and I earn interest in ETH and that’s it.

So on top of the adjustment that I get from DoorDash do to prop 22 passing, I was able to raking $1209 in about 27.9 hours so a little bit over time and a half and I was running around $43.27 and I was doing about 3.8 trips per hour.

Not bad considering I’m doing this as a part-time to again supplement my crypto addiction but I did manage to head over 360 miles which is OK and then I was able to do 105 trips for this past week my goal is to hit 1200 every single week and the last three weeks I’ve hit it twice excluding once I’ve only had it was $1100 two weeks ago.


As you can see from the screenshot of my application that I use for my gig economy stuff you can see the earnings you can see the miles the hours that per hour per mile and the trips and the hours.

Overall it was a great week last week and today is Monday again I enjoy Mondays it allows me to set my goals for the week and grow my Crypto bags.

Happy Monday!

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