DD profit madness and SPS 🏦!

Well with all the hustle and grinding I can say, look at these numbers.

Best Numbers by far!! I want to set a goal for that amount weekly.. 🥸

What’s going on everybody yeah so that’s the amount I made for that week can you imagine Getting that a week every week doing DoorDash driving picking up the orders waiting complaints…

Yeah that’s what I do then we have others that have been grinding and hustling on hive specifically on that game Splinterlands and because they’ve been hustling and grinding for the past three years or so… They are being rewarded for plane investing and especially holding you’re getting rewarded from the SPS airdrops that are happening every single day for 365 days we are on day six some people are making thousands of dollars if they are selling the SPS a day.


I would assume a lot of people are interested or planning on staking the SPS for the governance feature of the game itself don’t really know what it is but I’m finding out I’m playing the game I’m renting cards when I have a free time when I’m waiting I complete on my phone and I’m earning card some reason on my rank I’m hustling while I’m hustling or hobby.

Also quick note the price of project Utopis is back at 3.5 hive we can’t have been shake it off really sad to see them go I will see them again hopefully with a smaller bag.
Yes, we’re back in business making money making profits growing expanding staking curating and especially DEFI, I’m due time.

Look at Utopis go!


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