Things that excite me here on hive.

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Good day, guys, today I want to talk about what has excited me in this space, in this platform called hive, I have learned and gained a lot from this platform which I will be sharing a few today.

  • works and reward
  • Decentralization and centralization
  • socialization
  • Enhanced my ability to write
  • community
  • Awareness

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Works and rewards.

Works and rewards is one of the things that excite me in the platform(hive), not a lot of platform can pay you, but
Most do pay, but the method and the procedure they take to pay is the reason I love hive so much those platforms that pay you while working use the medium or strategic of been verify, just like YouTube you need to have a thousand followers before you can get verified before they start paying you for your work, but when it comes to hive as the moment you start uploading post and start engaging the moment you start getting reward for it.
You don't need any verification process and you don't need to have a thousand followers before you start enjoying your labour.


Decentralization and centralization.

I have been in this crypto sphere for about three years now, formally I just invest and wait for the coin to pump, having very little knowledge on how coin work, or how an exchange works, but ever since I enter this platform I don't just know how crypto works, but also how decentralization and centralization works.
Tokens that are built under a centralized system are tokens that can be easier influence, where one person can have 40% share of the token and can decide the faith of others, but it also has his good part just like the BINANCE exchange is one of the top exchange in the world it is built on a centralized system and it is doing pretty good today.
A decentralized platform like hive is an interesting platform where one person can not influence the token because the token is owned by the community and that is a good system where we can see from the bearish period the extent to which hive has proven its worth.

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Indeed, hive is not much of a social platform and more of a working platform, but I have made friends from hive here, some of which we do talk offline, hive made it possible.
Through engagement from other people post on this space I can tell you that you can create a lot of friends, they are some post today that I see, sometime the post may not be as details as it is supposed to be, but check the vote, people will upvote that post, most Time is due to the relationship they have created, so engagement help to socialize in this space, you can check my post on Engagement



Enhanced my writing ability.

When I started hive, and now the difference is very clear, then my content and write up even my photo editing are not as good as now, with hive I was able to know how to use tools to enhance my work, and to edit photos properly, am still learning but the difference is clear, you can go through my post to verify it.
Being in this space has helped me a lot, when I told my friend that I write and be paid for, he was like guy you write! when do you start writing?
That to tell you the extent to which I don't write. But hive has changed all that.



Hive has the strongest community I have seen, in time I have seen where something happen to someone and he got helps here, a man that loses his house on this platform due to fire accident this community stands by him and ensures that they help him with something to start up life again, I have seen in other platforms where they will share photo of someone that the person is going through a lot, but at the end, few or no one will contribute but here in hive it a different story something I do say that hive is not just another platform or global community, its a family.

Joining this space has seemed to come with various awareness, awareness in crypto,introduction of new coins, day-by-day news on the latest trend on crypto, and the recent joining of Twitter to hive is another massive addition to this space.
You can share your experience here, on how hive have change you, and what excite you here.


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