Which 3 Hivians Provided You The Most Value In 2021? (Challenge)


If you've read my posts over the last 4.5 years you will know that I believe in something I've coined called ROC>ROI.

That means that return on community is greater than return on investment. It is a concept taught to me personally by Tony Hsieh back in 2013. For those that don't know, Tony was the founder of Zappos that invested $250 Million of his own dollers to try and create a tech community that transformed downtown las vegas. It was called the downtown project. And return on community was behind it all.

I see this working on hive and the tribes and I write about it often. So I wanted to mention 3 accounts that have provided value to me over the year.

There are dozens and dozens of hard-working hivians that put community above all else but I put myself on the spot to list only 3 and I challenge you do the same.

I want to be clear. I have a long list but of those that have helped me and who I see help others with knowledge, tech and votes but I'm only mentioning three.

I'm hoping my readers will comment or create posts with three of their own and I will follow them and vote on their hivians. I'd like to discover more great hivians in 2020.

In no particular order, my 3 nominees for providing me the most value in 2021 are @chubb149, @edicted and @nathanmars.

Im not going tell you the what, where, why and how they provided me so much value in 2021 because I challenge to follow all 3 accounts and see for yourself.

I guarantee that if you are new to the above Hivians and you follow them in 2022 your Hive experience will change forever!

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