Commitment is an important ingredient in the recipe for success. Leofinance

Most people have always dreamed of having a stable economy, more than a fair salary or an ordinary job, always looking for extra that makes them feel full that they are alive or in an extraordinary way, not living a routine of a schedule that They work an office, where you don't feel comfortable or valued. Many work in the same place for years waiting for something unexpected to come their way. But sometimes his routine becomes his life, he forgets to look around that there are other methods of finding that dream that you want to have a success in life.


I have always heard that dreaming is free, it is very true, but making it come true requires several important factors among them is investment, well the first thing that will come to mind is that you do not have money to invest in a feasible business, but to have a success in life cannot necessarily be achieved with money, an important factor that we all have is time, but no one values ​​that important factor that we all have.


I will give you a small example how important time is so that things are really fantastic, let's take it to the kitchen, make a cake, to make it we need the ingredients but at the same time we must respect the time to beat it or mix the ingredients or even the cooking time, for each step to obtain a good cake you need a stipulated time. To fulfill our dreams or be successful, this important factor of Time is required, but not only that time that life is left over, it must be a time of quality, of dedication of commitment.

The ingredients to fulfill your dreams are: Commitment + Time + Action

According to the thought of S. Lehman “commitment is what transforms a promise into reality, it is the word that speaks boldly of our intentions, it is the action that speaks louder than words, it is to be done at the time when there is none, it is fulfilling what is promised when circumstances turn adverse, it is the material with which character is forged in order to change things, it is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism. Committing and keeping commitments are the essence of proactivity "


´When you commit to your dreams you place all your capacities to the maximum, it is the loyalty that you will give to fulfill your objectives, by not having a commitment you do not have the expected results. According to the above, these parts are very fundamental in the commitment "it is to be done at the time when there is none, it is to fulfill what was promised when circumstances become adverse, it is the material with which the character is forged to be able to change things" Committing yourself plans takes out a time where you don't have it, so that you have obstacles in life, you overcome it just by keeping in mind that dream and commitment to what you want.

The third ingredient is action. This a factor as important as the other two, when taking action in a dream makes the difference between being a simple dreamer or becoming a successful person, Time can pass every moment that we lose in Taking Action is the least moment that we can get to arrive to have our success or dream.


Our recipe for success at Leofinance is three

Commitment: Commit to the platform, be loyal to your dream and you will find success,

Time: Spend quality time. To investigate, to interact with other users, you will learn more every day.

Action: If you do not act on time, you will lose every moment where you can acquire great knowledge.