22 Chests Reward - Gold III League😍 | Splinterlands - END OF SEASON Reward

Hello Hivers, Today I am very joyful as I could reach the Gold III league in Splinterland's last season. Also, I managed to reach the 22 Chest rewards for my End of Season Reward claim. Last season, I tried my best as possible as much and that is why I got 22 chest rewards. I was very active last season and played splinterland's battle every day.

In this blog, I will share my End of season reward claim data and SPS, DEC price update.

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END OF SEASON - Claim Rewards

This is my first time reaching the Gold III league. I was very excited to claim the reward because the first time I managed to reach 22 chest reward in the Splinterlands End of Season Reward. I was very active and completed all daily focus this time. I am not a strong splinterlands player, mostly I rent cards to play battles. From my experience, I could say that there are good earning possibilities for even new or intermediate players.


This year, I have made SPS, DEC, and SPT Goals. I want to keep all my splinterlands assets with me. Not a single card will sell. I am looking at it as a long-term investment.

Now, Here is my End of season reward claim screenshots. I got good sps reward and a few cards and some potions.


Here is detailed End of season reward claim data from Peakmonsters.
1x Coastal Sentry,
2x Pyrewatch Devil,
2x Fungus Flinger,
2x Swamp Spitter,
2x Ferox Defender,
1x Ravenhood Warden,
2.977 SPS tokens,
3 Legendary Potions,
2 Gold Potions

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So I got a total 0.235$ worth of splinterlands assets according to peakmonsters. Overall I got a good reward.

SPS, DEC Price Stats

According to the below screenshot, 1K DEC token is trading at 0.721$ and the SPS token price is 0.028$. Dec price has increased in the last 30 days. SPS's price is still undervalued. I am looking forward to accumulating some more SPS tokens.

Image Source

That's it for my today's blog, Thank you...


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Image credits: Thumbnail made using canva. Screenshots are taken from the splinterlands websites.

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