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Author: @carlir, Image taken from the official Waykichain portal, modified using Adobe Photoshop CC6 tool.

As already indicated in previous publications, Waykichain's great leap in the Blockchain world and the benefits it has brought have been gigantic, as it has quickly positioned itself among one of the best in the Blockchain ecosystem at the present time.

Super nodes are essential for the overall development of the entire network and the public blockchain ecosystem, super nodes by logic and importance guarantee the operation and stability of the network placing its advantages at the forefront for Waykichain to continue its rapid growth in the blockchain ecosystem. This year in January Waykichain made the official announcement of the global Super Node election program, thus encouraging Users, Communities and Institutions to apply for the election program.

The deployment of Super Nodes in a public chain under the management of DPoS has become an important requirement for its development, as it achieves greater decentralization and stimulates new horizons within a fully developed ecosystem, while reflecting a greater guarantee of security, stability and efficiency of the chain.

One of the most relevant characteristics of the Super Nodes under the DPoS system is that when one of them disconnects from the public chain, only one of them that contains the complete history of the blockchain needs to recover the connection so that all the data of the network can be accessible again, guaranteeing the stability and security of the network, unlike traditional systems that are under a centralized condition where the central system has control of all the operations of the system, generating that if there is a disconnection, the whole network can break and not be able to recover all the data.

In conclusion, the Super Nodes with development capabilities and greater technical resources will bring out their advantages to optimize all the products offered by the Waykicahin chain and that are native to it, and thus be able to develop new products that will strengthen the chain based on market demands that will allow it to increase the commercial adoption of its stable currency, the WUSD, and thus be able to satisfy its financial requirements.

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