Doing my first LPUD and a cheers to all the LeoBeasts. 2nd Winner for Giveaway too.

Its an interesting day, that ive been keeping in the back of my mind. Keeping a small pile of LEO tokens available so that i can partake in my 1st #LPUD. I like the Hive badges, so im hoping i qualify to receive the badge so i can add it to my collection.

Ive been a fan of LEO for a while but i suppose that i havent done many finance geared posts, specifically on Leo. Although i usually tag my posts with Leofinance, this is one of my first posts talking mostly about Leo.


Leo really deserves the hype that it gets. A solid community, dedicated hivers that enjoy talking about it. Cool marketing potential. Who doesnt like the Lion, a majestic beast. We love Crypto, we love the potential of Leo. I remember last year the price of Leo was about $0.30 cents, pretty impressive. Also impressive the drop in price, darn.

Ive been holding a small stake in Leo for quite a while actually. Kind of wish i was powering up a beefier amount today but its just a small stack to stake. So lets get to that action

Power Up

Heres my stake so far, but today im powering up 191 LEO, so lets go.

And there ya go. I actually really appreciate the LeoDex, and the wallet functionality. Cool looking colors, and of course that Beastly Lion.

Kinda hoping i didnt miss any other important step. Ill be trying to build up more Leo since price compared to Hive is still fairly low, fairly priced at this time it appears.


Interesting, the took picked my buddy Rajat @r1s2g3, congrats.

I will be doing more giveaways, and i would like all my usual friends to get a win, but randomness may be the most fair, so i shall send the Mycelic Morphoid on its way.

The card is actually on Rental for 1 more day, i just noticed. Ill be sure to send it out tomorrow.

I already have the next card i can use as juice for the next giveaway, so ill set that up soon.

Ill be sure to do my best and to keep helping to support my Hive and Leo friends. Cheers to you all, and happy LPUD.

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