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Test scooters arrived in Ukraine
Software development ongoing
C24 Game APP available in the Google Play Market
@bosmob became the first 10% shareowner - congrats on that!

What are C24 Scooters?

C24 Scooters is an electro scooter rental service based in Kyiv, Ukraine, made by the team behind several operating Hive based startups

How can I be involved?
We are crazy about the idea of tokenizing the real-world assets and assigning them to their blockchain owners, that's what we are planning to do with C24 Scooters. Every Hive user can become a part of the C24 Scooters company by buying a specific share of the Scooter NFT via https://www.c24.world/

How does the full mechanics work?

1 - go to https://www.c24.world/, log in via KeyChain
2 - choose any NFT number you like, and consider a share you would like to receive
3 - choose a currency or a token to make a payment and press "Proceed to Payment"
4 - Become an NFT owner, and appear on the list of owners on the NFT card on the https://www.c24.world/ page.
5 - Get your part of the revenue when your scooter been used, every day.


How much can I get?

Revenue statistics from 1 scooter for 1 month (on average 25 full working days):

10500 UAH (~ $ 370)
420 UAH (~ $ 15) per day.
Minimum net income less operating expenses and taxes:

200 UAH ($7) per day from one scooter.

The investor receives ½ from the net income per day from his share of the scooter and according to the results of the month receives them on his account.

Investment model:

  • The investor buys NFT Scooter or its share on the site c24.world, which in the future will confirm his right to profit from the service, taking into account that 1 C24 = 1 UAH (~ $ 0.0352).
  • C24 company develops and maintains the software, organizes the purchase of scooters, conducts active business 24/7.
  • Profits are distributed 50/50 after the management expenses cut
  • Enter the business from 1/10 NFT Scooter
  • Payment can be made in C24, HBD, and ASH.
  • Projected return on investment 12 months, profit from 13 months.

Check C24.world and grab your NFT now!


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