C24 representing Electro Scooter Investment Program

C24 team being a part of @cryptex24 and few other projects you might know among which are @cryptobrewmaster and @oceanplanet inviting you to join the electro scooter rental service startup by investing in the real world scooters represented as NFTs on the Hive blockchain


What is C24 Scooters?

C24 Scooters is an electro scooter rental service based in Kyiv, Ukraine, made by the team behind several operating Hive based startups

How can I be involved?

We are crazy about the idea of tokenizing the real-world assets and assigning them to their blockchain owners, that's what we are planning to do with C24 Scooters. Every Hive user can become a part of the C24 Scooters company by buying a specific share of the Scooter NFT via https://www.c24.world/

How the full mechanics work?

1 - go to https://www.c24.world/, log in via KeyChain
2 - choose any NFT number you like, and consider a share you would like to receive
3 - choose a currency or a token to make a payment and press "Proceed to Payment"
4 - Become an NFT owner, and appear on the list of owners on the NFT card on the https://www.c24.world/ page.
5 - Get your part of the revenue when your scooter been used, every day.

How much can I get?

While having 100% of NFT, C24 will pay you 50% of the Scooter daily revenue, in case if you have 10% C24 gonna pay you 50% of your Proof Of Ownership part. So @C24 offers you to get 1\2 out of your NFT Proof Of Ownership percentage in the currency you decide: C24, ASH, or HBD

All the scooter rents and further payments will be available in the C24 Users Profile Cabinet.

NFT Prices?

Presale price 1200 USD per 1 NFT till 01.01.2021

  • 34200 C24
  • 1239 HBD
  • 139591 ASH

1400 USD per 1 NFT from 01.01.21 to 01.03.21
1500 USD per 1 NFT from 01.03.21

You can obtain any share of the NFT from 10% to 100%;


Recently we launched an Android promo version of the C24 game. It's a runner, where every user can spend some time collecting tokens, jumping through the obstacles, and just having fun spending their time. There also will be a possibility to exchange tokens gained via game at some ratio into real C24 tokens




Soon on the Play Market and AppStore
Android users can try the APK via THIS LINK

Current Roadmap

Release c24 promo scooter game ✅
Order test electro scooters for an App development ✅
Start the App for the Scooter rent development ✅
Create NFT ✅ - https://tribaldex.com/nfts
Create NFT service for buying electro scooters shares ✅ - https://www.c24.world/
Create users profile with NFT information - in process
NFT's presale phase 1 ... ongoing
NFT's presale phase 2
NFT's sale phase 2
C24 Scooters App release Q2 2021
Service start operating Q2 2021



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