My 2024 Hive Goals Update 3/22/24

I joined the #saturdaysavers group recently, so instead of staggering these posts out every few weeks my goal is to post these on Friday nights. I missed it yesterday because I was spending time with my sister and brother-in-law before they flew back home. Let's see where I ended up!

It's always good to revisit goals to track progress, and posting about it is a good way to cement it in my mind. It also acts as a subconscious reminder.

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Hive Power
My primary savings goal is to reach 5,000 HP by the end of the year.

Starting from last Friday, I was at 2,746 HP. I've been putting a small amount of money into Hive each month and powering up, and will keep that pace throughout the year. So far, I'm at 2,831 HP.

I'll be setting aside funds to power up every month, and will likely do another raffle in the Fall to help me in reaching my goal of 5,000 HP by the end of this year.

I took a lot of the funds from other investments I sold and put those into EDS, since it pays nice weekly dividends.

I have EDSMM giving me mining lottery rewards. I decided to pull my delegation to eds-vote only so I can curate more. I'll be offsetting this by purchasing EDS off the market and through private deals, in addition to building my EDS-D holdings with recurring HBD payments, to help bring in more EDS for me.

Right now I'm at 125.54 EDS and want to be at 130 EDS by the end of the year, between all of these methods. At this rate, I should get there without any issues, but I'll keep buying.

Right now, I have a little over 61.5BRO tokens, which is a little up from 46 last week. I saw some opportunities come up and bought some BRO on the cheaper side.

I'm currently staking 1000 DBOND to mint me new DAB each day. I plan to try and increase that to 1200 by the end of the year. With me hitting my EDS goal in the next month, I'll pay more attention to this and work on my DBOND holdings.

I have 667 DAB right now, up from 665 DAB last week. I currently get about 0.176 DAB/day. My original goal was 630 DAB, so I moved this goal to 720.

I originally was delegating to stickupcurator to get Legion drips. I stopped since some have been dumping Legion for cheap. I have a little over 354 staked now, since I made a deal with Ray from BRO to buy 200 LGN cheap.

2024 End Goal
My overall goal with these investments is to get in while they're cheaper and maintain a daily and monthly Hive drip, not including my regular posting regiment. With everything included, my goal is to bring in an average of 6-7 Hive/day by the end of 2024. I'm currently still hovering at about 3 Hive/day so there's still room for improvement, but I see myself getting closer to this goal as the year progresses. I may take some profits during this time, but the majority of earnings will be reinvested to keep growing.

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