HSBI Giveaway! / Reblog lottery

It's Wednesday, and we've made it halfway through the week!

I'm shifting the giveaway to make things easier and less complicated. Last week, two people commented with a story to be entered into the drawing to win 3 HSBI. Going forward, I'll be giving away 5 HSBI!

For this and future giveaways, all you have to do is put your name in the comments and reblog this post!

Our contestants for last week were:

And our winner is @stekene!

Congratulations on winning 3 HSBI!

To enter for this week's contest, leave a comment and reblog this post. Good luck!

Each month, I give away a $1 Goldback or 4 HBD. The winner gets to choose.
Note: Some countries may have prohibitively expensive shipping or delivery, which may not be feasible. I reserve the right to award the winner 4 HBD instead of a Goldback at my discretion.

Not sure what a goldback is? Click here to find out more about them.

How The Reblog Lottery Works

  1. Follow me. (If you're not a follower, you won't be entered into the drawing)
  2. Look for "Reblog lottery" in any of my post titles.
    Make sure it's for the current contest month, and is 6 days old or less, and click "Reblog".
    (Reblogging an older post will not get you an entry)
  3. An upvote is appreciated but not required, and does not give you additional entries.
  4. You'll get one entry for each qualifying article you reblog this way.
  5. At the end of the month I'll enter your name into the drawing and pick a winner at random.
    Note: Bots are not eligible to win
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