Cryptosalad: Blocktrades

Last week @taskmaster4450 and I had @blocktrades on our show, and this was an amazing interview. Some of the raw insight we were drip fed from this man was unbelievable. It was quite a privilege to interview such a thought leader in the crypto industry.

I'd like to apologise before I lead on. I had mic problems and I couldn't get talking at first. Then, I managed to fix all my problems but I found out later that the video didn't record my speech.

Sadly I had to cut my talking entirely out of the podcast, and then make @blocktrades answers to me seem as if they were run-on answers. This seemed the best way to attack this. There is no information lost, and the whole interview was a mind bender.

I hope all of you enjoy this as much as we did. He was such a pleasure to have on our show.

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