NEOXAG and CINE , historical earning data for brofund accounts .

Good evening to everyone . Hope you all are doing great .

Couple of weeks ago we had posted about LEO historical earning data for @brofund and @brofund-leo accounts .

Last Monday we saw about LOTUS and STEM earnings for BRO accounts . You can check it out here .

Today we shall look at 2 more - NEOXAG and CINE .

Accounts considered for data

For NEOXAG stats , we have taken @brofund and @brofund-ag accounts .

For CINE stats , we have taken @brofund and @brofund-cine accounts .

How is this beneficial for end users?

These two tokens are dripped everyday for BRO users so the more the accounts earn , the more users get dripped .

So this matters to who are holding BRO also to those who like the above tokens and want regular drips .

NEOXAG earnings


April 2020 is the highest earning month for BRO accounts . It is almost 10x higher than other months , why ? You will see the answer below .

This month - July we have taken data till 11th ( yesterday ) and we have already 8k NEOXAG .

NEOXAG historical earnings month wise based on accounts


Well initially it was only @brofund account earning NEOXAG but from July 2020 @brofund-ag started earning and it has been earning pretty good amount when compared to @brofund . Is it because of curation rewards ? Or Author rewards ? Let us see that below .

NEOXAG earnings based on type of rewards


Well now you know why April 2020 is an outlier . There was a airdrop of NEOXAG to all accounts in April 2020 and @brofund account received nearly 190k NEOXAG .

After that , curation reward has been leading the charts but considerable amount of "Staking Reward" is also received by both @brofund and @brofund-ag accounts . ( Last week we saw that even LOTUS has similar mechanism of Staking Reward )

Percentage of earnings ( type )


Nearly 50% is just Curation rewards . Although 30% + 4% is staked and liquid airdrop right , it keeps on diminishing in future since it is just a one time thing .

So the proportion of curation and staking reward will increase in future .

You can access these charts here -

CINE earnings

Note: Although @brofund-cine is used to drip CINE to BRO holders , it hasn't been earning CINE .

So only @brofund account is earning CINE .


CINE tribe is new , so the earnings is less too .

It was launched on 22nd March 2021 so the March earnings is only for 9 days .

It has increased steadily for 3 months and then a slight drop last month but this month only for 11 days we have already earned 638 CINE tokens .

CINE earnings based on type


Token Benefactor leads the chart here .

What does it even mean ?

It means the tax on the posts . Currently the tax is 5% . It will go to @brofund account . Why ? Because @brofund is the founder of CINE tribe .

Author and Curation earnings is negligible compared to Token Benefactor Earnings .

Percentage of earnings ( type )


Well 97.5% is just from token_benefactor_reward itself and as I mentioned before , author and curation rewards are very very small right now .

You can access the charts for CINE earnings here -

Hope you had fun reading this post . Have a great day ahead .

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