First let start by wishing all hive members merry Christmas,I believe everyone is having fun.well may God blessings be with us all.going to my 2021 hive highlight ,I can say it has really been awesome for me.i so much like this context of hive first when I saw I was so because I felt it's a way of allowing every individual in saying how they have really felt being part of the hive many people joined hive this year and I happened to be one of those that joined hive not too long.this month made it three months that I joined hive and my experience has been very big.

First let me quickly refer back to the first day I made my introduction post.i got a lot of upvote and I was very happy about that and I also got some good comments.the ambience of the community allows me to settle in quickly which also.moyivayed me to be making post.i have actually gained alot from the platform and it can really say that I am glad that I came across hive even though I didn't join the community early like other.

Second is that it is has actually opened my eyes to the crypto world.i can say that I am very new to the crypto world and from the informative post of people,I tried to read most of the post and make sure that get one or two information from those post.hive is a very informative community and I can assure you that you can know or get any information you want from hive.i think this is really my most important hive highlights of 2021 because most the informations has been of great help to me.they have helped to develop my crypto knowledge although I am still learning to absorb as much information I can since the crypto world is like a school on its own

Apart from the two things I just talked about,hive has actually gave me some financial freedom because it pay me just like every other person on the has actually been really great for me because I came across hive when I needed it most.i might not make much like others that made alot of profits as a newbie but I am still very grateful for what I have made.all I need to do is to brace and try harder to get better on the hive platform.

We all have different hive highlights for this 2021 most especially newbies like me because I feel we face more challenges on the platform In making ourselves recognize, but it has all been wonderful for me.hopefully by this time next year I will have something more fascinating to tell.once again my hive highlights for 2021 has been wonderful.



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