My own little corner of Hive


As I sit here on a Sunday evening thinking 🤔 about a subject to write about here on Leo, I think about what the last, almost, two years have been like for me. The journey.

Some days, like today, I feel like I am in my own little corner of Hive. Maybe hidden away from everyone. I know I am not because of the engagement I get on my posts.

I guess what it is, is my lack of engaging with others. I try and find the time, but I am nowhere close to how I want to be. I want to be doing this full time. Making a living at it. That is the goal.

Until then I will do what I can do. Talk about my passions and post to my favorite communities.

I did love @taskmaster4450 post about HBD today.

HBD: The "Safe" Stablecoin?.

Up to 10 percent APR on savings. Fantastic stuff.

Hive seems to have settled into the 30 cent USD area and Bitcoin, for now, just over 30K.

CTP token I believe is nowhere near the price it should be. Some great deals if you are looking to pick up some. Same with Leo, Alive, awesome and index.


I could go on and on and on but all I am going to say about it tonight is "wait and see " and hopefully, to find the silver lining, if covid gets bad enough it will have a positive effect on the markets. As It did seem to last time.


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