Get rich slow


How many of us has spent years trying to get rich quick online? Been suckered into scams? Spent years and years jumping from one program to another and one scam to another?

I still remember my first venture into it. The cash Fiesta ad bar that displayed ads on top of your screen. And you know they are still around. Wow. I remember getting lots of referrals and was ready for my first payout, and got banned. Imagine that.


The next big one was Ad Packs. Give us your money, get ads, and a wonderful ROI. Great when you got in early, before the pyramid dried up.

That is just a couple examples and I am sure you all have your own.

Then one day I discovered ClickTrackProfit. It changed my online money making idea. I learned so much. Did I get rich? No. Did I stop loosing money and time? Yes.

But life happened. I gave up on the whole online idea.

Then almost two0 years ago, for some reason, I wondered what ever happened to CTP. To much pleasant surprise it was still there. All be it moved to the Blockchain. I won't go into CTP's story as @jongolson has done that many times on his blog posts.

This post was not done to praise CTP it is just a side effect of telling a long store in a short version.

Am I rich now? No. Buy let me tell you, I am earning, and earning every day. And the fact that I started from zero and in a bear market have built a business that is worth 3 to 4K is awesome sauce. And if we get back to a bull run, that can double easily and quickly.

I will get rich slow.

And I will enjoy it.

How about you?



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