Am I a copy cat?


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The beginning of this post and the title is not the post I was going to write but I have to get it off my chest.

I personally worry about how I write sometimes. No one has said anything to me it is just in my head. I worry I quote to much. I worry I share to many links. Leading to the fact that sometimes I think my content is not orginal enough.

I hope if I have or if I do cross that line that the community will tell me right away.

That being said... here I go. Lol.

First a question. I just asked it on discord but no answer yet and I feel embarrassed for asking.

What is They Call Me Dan's Hive username?

I was reading some of his tweets as I always do and this one with one of his replies:

"we must budil our way out of the awareness hole. consistency will get us there. we don't need centralized $$, we can do it as a community. while not easy, nothing worthwhile ever is."

Really struck me. Especially the last line. Working hard and earning rewards is far superior to easy and handed to you.

This lead me to this post by @khaleelkazi Sometimes It's Great to Be the Underdog | A Bullish Case for HIVE.

If you have not read it go there now and read. Don't forget to comeback to mine. Lol.

While writing this @blainjones as always was nice enough to reply to my question. Giving me my answer: @theycallmedan.

History time.

For the people that don't believe in Hive or think it is to slow.

Twenty four years ago I got my first taste of trying to earn online. Remember cashfiesta ad bar you installed on you computer. And it was MLM.

I will always remember when I got a good down line and ready for my first payout. Guess what happened? Yes they suspended my account. Called me a cheater and did not pay me.

I think I have tried every scam out there, loosing every time of course.

Even tried running my own egold doubler, remember egold? Tried an exchange for egold. Bought and ran a badly programmed bubble site.

Co-owned a manual surf site.

Tried a paid to click site. Some of my CTP friends will remember.

Closest I came was when I found Click Track Profit. And even with what happened with @jongolson and PayPal it was one of my early online successes. Thankfully I checked CTP out one day and found the Blockchain.

I have been on Hive over three years. It has helped me financially when I needed it.

I built, I rebuild, but I always keep building. I have written in the past about how slow and steady wins the race.

So like Hive I keep building slow and steady. I feel like I am flowing under the radar myself. But I keep posting every single day. I keep building my personal brand. The masses will notice me one day. The same way they will notice Hive.

Now I feel Alive and Thriving.



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