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Disclaimer: I am not writing this post in my official capacity as a member of the LBI Gov team.

These are just some thoughts that I felt like I should get out there. I know there are quite a few people who follow me that are also LBI holders and we are getting close to some deadlines in the next couple of months.

I am a big fan of LBI, I have @cryptoandcoffee to thank for putting it on my radar. If it had not been for him, this is likely a project that would have passed me by. I honestly knew nothing about SPInvest but after seeing how successful it was and realizing that the same person was behind this, I knew I needed to be involved.

Hard Cap

There is a hard cap coming up in the next week or so on the tokens. Please put May 7th on your calendar. After that point you will only be able to purchase LBI tokens on the Hive-Engine or LeoDex markets. Likely many of you are already doing that given the reduced price in HIVE/LEO/LBI right now.

Just remember, before long that will be your only option.

Call For Proposals

The window for proposals is formally open right now. This is a great opportunity for LBI holders to suggest some guidance and direction in how the fund is handled. We are just a couple of weeks away from the current window being closed on proposals.

May 7th

You should already have this date on your calendar because of the hard cap, but it is also the date that the proposal window closes.

You can find a bit more information in this post.

The introduction of the hard cap raised some really good points from some of the community members. I was really hoping they would take the initiative to turn some of those suggestions into formal proposals, but that wasn't the case.


Despite the current pull backs in the market as a whole I am really excited about the direction that the LBI project is heading. The community has made some tough decisions about dividends, but in the end I think pushing the payouts back will ultimately benefit us all.

The Project Blank air drop should provide a substantial boost to the revenue that LBI is bringing in. In addition to that, the price of CUB has been holding pretty steady despite the pull back, so I have a feeling the LBI CUB investments are chugging right along!

With the prices being down, this could be a great time to build up your LBI stake a little more and be ready for what the rest of this year has in store for us.

I have a feeling it won't be long before dividends start getting paid out and we can really start to realize the long term benefits that holding LBI has.

Again, I am not writing this post in my official capacity as a member of the LBI Gov team.

May 7th, Mark Your Calendars

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