Gem Meteor - Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge.

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Um back people with another blog post in HIVE where I'm going to showcase one of splinterlands battle with Gem Meteor.

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I didn't have this monster in my card collection so I went to the market and I bought a regular version of this card with 0.44$ and I paid 440 CREDITS to buy this. And now I have a Gem Meteor in my card collection as well.


I did this transaction and I spent 440 CREDITS in buying the regular card.

Gem Meteor is an epic neutral monster of chaos legion edition with ranged attack for what this monster can't attack from the front position, it has five health and four speed with a single ranged attack in level one.


And this monster has this Scattershot ability in the first level that allows this monster to hit a random enemy target each round.

My lineup for this battle:


After losing eight matches in the wild format using Gem Meteor and other cards, I swathed to modern format and I got this battle with twenty nine mana and I won this time. It seems modern format is lucky for me or maybe noob players like me plays in this format.

So after using Tarsa as summoner which is a chaos legion summoner, I chose Living lava with seven mana and then I chose Radiated brute, Serpentine spy, Tenyii striker, Gem meteor accordingly.

The enemy team also chose a good lineup using the same fire element.

In the battlefield:

Link to the battle.

At first, Spark pixies of enemy monster team attacked Living lava of friendly monster team and the friendly monster lost a single armor.

Then Gem meteor of friendly monster team attacked Serpentine spy of enemy monster team and the enemy monster lost one health. Then Fire elemental of enemy team attacked Living lava of friendly team and the friendly monster lost one armor and as an extra, Radiated team of friendly team lost one health as well as the blast ability of the enemy monster was in action. Then Serpentine spy of friendly team killed his another version of the enemy team.


And it was doing like this. Friendly monsters were attacking enemy monsters while enemy monsters were return attacking friendly monsters.


Enemy team lost another team when Tenyii striker of friendly team was attacking and getting the big melee attack, Mantoid of enemy team died on the spot. Then friendly team lost its shield Living lava.


And the rest of the friendly monster avenged the death of their teammate by killing its another version of the enemy team and now friendly team is already stronger than then the enemy team. There were two monsters in enemy team now and one of them died on the spot by the melee attack of Tenyii striker of friendly team and then Radiated brute of friendly team tried to kill the last enemy monster but it missed as the last enemy monster evaded the attack with its flying ability.

Then there was a fresh round where Gem meteor of friendly team attacked the last enemy monster and it died on the spot.
The battle ended in round 4 and Gem meteor of the friendly team killed the last monster of the enemy team and there came victory. My battle strategy worked well.

About the challenge:

You can find the official challenge post here.

For this challenge, you'll need to showcase a battle using the theme and you should talk about the monsters that you use in the battle, about the battle.

Image Source: Images of this post are collected from splinterlands website.

End of the post.

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