Let us refresh our memories on Algorand, why it is such a big deal

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For more good reasons than not, Algorand has been in the news recently.

Most notable recent news that came out about Algorand was the announcement that SkyBridge has just raised $100 million dollars to fund Algorand with.

This is pretty much a very big deal because as it is known, SkyBridge is an alternative investment firm that holds well over $700 million dollars in crypto assets according to the company's founder.

The company also just recently filed for a crypto focused ETF. With news like these getting out about the Algorand project and foundation at nice intervals, we can only expect there to be an upward growth for the Algo ecosystem generally.

This video takes you down the memory lane talking about what the Algorand project is all about and how you can benefit from it or maybe will teach you a thing or two about the Algorand project that you might not have known.


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