Minnow Minnow.... + Future Plans

According to this little badge here I am now officially a minnow


I remember on-the-old-chain how much I used to admire and covet those who had so much SP and its quite mad to think that I now have already hit my summer goal and the person I was 3 years ago would never believe me if I tried to send a quantum tunnel message backwards to him.

I am currently working on some projects , that once ready will hopefully benefit all hive users and am launching the community properly on friday so its going on at the moment.

I bought just over 100 HIVE in the dip that happened recently, to fund some leasing HP for the community and to power up.

I have a general plan that usually follows this for new funds that I use to invest:


(credits to the legend Bizonacci

40% - SAFU & Staking

So this is savings, so in HIVE's case this is HP. I do aim to eventually get more HBD into the savings feature but whilst I have these projects to fund I can't bring myself to store it away (especially with these crazy HBD prices we've been seeing recently. ALGO rewards are also solid at the minute, I think that its got alot more potential than we've already seen.

Something with solid interest, stable coins, coins that don't move much or that have a guaranteed upswing would all fit here for me.

20% - DeFi

Currently involved in CUB and CAKE, the possibilty of gains on the main token is pretty solid aswell as LP rewards make it worth putting this much into the program, especially with projects like CUB that have a solid, secure and passionate team behind them.

25% - Trading

What can I say, Futures are exactly like being on a rollercoaster 😂. Always good to have a little bit in your spot so you can scoop up some discounts like with HIVE the other day

What are your investment allocation breakdowns? I'm always interested to see what fellow HIVE people are up too besides this blockchain as I feel like we're a fairly informed bunch ;)

Biggest of love to the whole community, and I wish everyone the best of luck on their journey :)


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