Crypto Market Crash...... - Are you stacking? CONTEST

Wow. So I thought I was going to write this in the summer months, but because of this recent market fall out I just bagged myself to my summer goal of over 1000HP ! I think on average managed get over 1/3 of my holdings for 1/3 of the price I normally would, so whilst on paper the value has gone down, I don't mind as its allowed me to do this and will be powering it up and using it to further support communities and authors on this beautiful blockchain.


Might seem strange to some to be excited about, but as someone who has been around since the XYZ days, back then the average joe could only dream of having triple digit SP, let alone 4 figures. The markets are all over the place at the moment so I see some are waiting it out, but us long-termers are used to this by now. Corrections like these have always been a part of crypto and maybe we've been too used to seeing that old-familiar green for too long that we forget this....

This screenshot was taken at 20:42 GMT and there has already been a bit of a boost, is this people like me going on a mini shopping spree?

I'm not sure we'll have to wait and see but I know that I am atleast 100% over the moon to of been able to increase my favourite projects holdings <3

So in celebration, let me know if you've picked up any hive/coins in this dip and I'll pick someone to send 5 of those HIVE to ;)

Let me know what you think and I hope you've all been keeping safe and sane in this madness!



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