The End Is Near. Buy Silver

Some people think the glass is half full; others think the glass is half empty. The wise one will believe it really doesn’t matter at all. Wait, hold up, is that piss? The global conflict has persisted for decades. The increasing polarization of world power (U.S. and E.U. versus Russia and China) is concerning, to say the least. Some people are hopeful and believe that World War III will not occur. Others, however, believe that the causes of war are unforeseeable; no one predicted the Ukraine war. After all, you can’t predict a person’s next course of action, let alone the whole dictatorial regime that is Russia. There’s really not much we can do except to realize the political, cultural, and financial cold war between the countries is just a glass of piss. Instead of getting mad at people on the internet; acquiring knowledge, living a productive life, and purchasing commodities to safeguard our own home is the top priority. Not just from the government or regime; who knows what those globalist “elites” are up to.

It makes perfect sense to stock up on essentials in the event of a societal collapse. Basic needs include food, shelter, and metals. Metals like gold and silver are the only reasonable option. In the wake of a global conflict, the only currencies that will be useful for survival are going to be gold and silver. Paper fiat currency, in my humble opinion, is not going to be of any value whatsoever. The use of any precious metal other than gold and silver as a medium of exchange is not going to work very well. You got some platinum? That’s cool; they are rare but just not very recognizable. Gold and silver, on the other hand, have been used as currencies for as long as civilization existed. Don’t even get me started on copper; that thing can be found anywhere. Go pick up some wires; there you go, copper! What’s even better than gold and silver bullion are easily identifiable coins that contain silver. The U.S. dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime, and nickel minted before 1964 are perfect survival currencies as the average person could recognize them easily.

But hey, I’m neither a geopolitical expert nor a financial advisor. I’m just a person who likes metals, stonks, trading, and blogging, so take this post with a grain of salt.

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