Why AI Belongs In Web3

Why AI Belongs In Web3

I've been on a bit of a AI kick as of late. From my last article The Top 5 AI tools for productivity to a recent thread about The Top 5 ChatGPT Plugins it's clear that AI is advancing and becoming a part of every day life.

While some fear it and say it's taking jobs I say it's advancing current jobs and boosting productivity. It's kind of like when factory workers all complained about losing their jobs to automated lines but really it created faster production and new higher end jobs. The same could be said with the current evolution with AI happening right now. You either sit there and complain about it and talk about it being bad and taking over the world or you get in on it and start using its true power of AI to take your business and yourself to new highs.

Web3 and AI

It really depends on who you talk to anymore about what actully is web3. Is it fully decentralized networks, token based rewards with blockchain and crypto, AI, community focused social media and any number of other things. Perhaps it's all of them some hold bent and molded together to create a new evolution in the internet and honestly the return of freedoms to people.

My definition of web3 would be blockchain style, token driving with ad revenue that's anonymous but still has the ability to track enough to serve up relative ads to that person aka computer or cell phone but doesn't extract any real data about who that person is. It's an anonymous profile with an ID that is in no way attached to the actual person.

It also blends in AI so lets take a look as to how AI will most likely interact with Web3.

You could say AI and web 3 are currently already the following things. AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, Digital Money and with a follow up of Quantum computing and Digital identity of things that are close but not yet here.

In an age where AI is creating deep fake videos and content AI could also be used to detect such things that are unseen by the human eye. However then that also brings up the question if you can really trust the AI that's checking it. But what if some how it wasn't run by someone. It was unbiased and was fully decentralized. We haven't and wont see something like this for a while but there could come a time where AI starts to help us in this manner.

AI also can help us with this such as data and blockchain information in terms of zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption and the big one I think decentralized credentials and IDs. It could also be geared to punish bad behavior from bad actors keeping the data safe from those who try to access it and gain information to attach it to a person or persons.

What's clear is AI will start playing major roles in the lives we live in. Many new methods are being tested and yes many will fail while some will be successes and far fewer major successes. It's the road to any innovation but for some reason we heavily still live in a world where a majority of people are blind to it and will attack and fear it instead of embrace and evolve with it.

What's your position on a single aspect or overall general AI and the future of the internet?

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