Top 5 AI Tools To Boost Productivity

Top 5 AI Tools To Boost Productivity

AI has become a hot topic for good and bad. The bad ranges from AI taking over the world to a really crappy article spinner of which will get you flagged here on Hive for not writing original content (which I totally agree with). The good is AI can be used to a lot of positives to scale your business faster and give you insights and tools that help you build everything faster and better.

Without further delay here are the top 5 AI tools you can start using to boost productivity.

1 Lovo

Hate those text to speech programs that just sound like a bot and everyone can well. Well AI has come a long way and Lovo allows you to create text to speech with a realistic AI voice. I see this one as being something that will constantly improve and make quality videos and text to speech next level. Either for those who are just bad with recording their own voice, lack the equipment to create a professional sounding voice over etc.


Stock images get way over used and because of such they often don't get the best amount of traction because people have seen it so many times. But what if you could quickly have AI create some stock images for you! That's what stockimg is all about and can generate things such as logo, stock images and more within seconds.

3 ChartGPT

Charts can be a serious pain to make. First you collect all of the data and then some how you have to make a pretty looking chart out of that data that makes sense to others. It's a time and labor intensive process. However with ChartGPT you can now create beautiful charts in seconds filled with data points.


There's plenty of website builders out there however this AI web builder does everything for you. Now with just a few clicks and inputs you can build a fully functional website. I'm unsure on the amount of detail these sites will have but it does give an inexpensive option for someone to quickly get their site up and running.

5 TopAppsAI

Looking for an AI solution to something you want to do? Check out this AI driven website that pulls fresh new AI platforms and old to give you the best options for the AI that's right for you. From 3D, Coding, Image and Health this platform will have you exploring and trying out so many new AI platforms it's crazy.

While some hate AI and want to crush it there are many options that can be very helpful to people and business. Give a few a try and let me know what you think.

Know of another great AI that you have used yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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