The Process Of Hives Goals

It's been a wild week on in terms of threads really taking off and the competition heating up. While there are still some bugs and some things I don't like there's also many things I do like about the new front end and finally a much faster way to really interact with people on the hive blockchain.

With that being said there's not major announcements I could find in terms of new games, new front ends or big major updates to any existing front ends or games that I could find. It's been pretty stagnate the last few weeks besides LeoFinance and maybe that is reflected in the price of hive lately.

These goals and this writeup is something I do weekly. Mainly this report would be filled more with hive updates and new things going on but when there's a lack of it I like to go back to the core which was going over my goals.

This helps me keep on track for some of the goals I have but also it's a way to show others what's possible with work, investment and time. It also might give you some insight as to what projects I'm investing and believing in to have good potential for the upside. Also it should be said that this article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing.



Goal: 100,000 Current 94,409.88 Needed Per Day: 24.95

This came down by about 0.70 hive needed per day so not as fast as before but still a good pace. With another month of this I'll be pretty much passivly earning what is needed per day from general inflation on hive and curation rewards. That means within the next month we should be ripping towards that 100k. Honestly after 100k I plan to continue to keep stacking hive. From my calculations I'd want roughly 250,000 - 400,000 hive at current prices to be making what I want to make from the platform and be able to expand into some of my own projects. The goal now is to get there as fast as possible and as you'll see below a large portion of that is coming from bought hive which I power up and less and less on author rewards.


Goal: 150,000 Current: 100,006 without delegation | With: 130,006

Now with this I'm counting the 5k I delegate out pretty much all the time for one of the winner prices for Leo Power Up day. This means to hit my goal myself without delegation accounted for I need 223.18 LEO per day which is a heavy decrease. My goal is to continue to bring this down quickly and hit this goal along with the hive goal asap. From here I believe my focus will return to Splinterlands while still keeping up decent paces in both hive and LEO.


This has been a bit on the backburner for now as I focus in on the other two goals above. However I do need to bump this in priority asap as land and working that land will come sooner than later and I still need a hefty 800k DEC total to survey the rest of my plots. With DEC prices coming down again now might be the perfect time to get after this again.

I'm happy with the progress. Even with very low author rewards last week and I mean very low compared to what they have been I've been able to BEAT my goals through other means and I think that speaks a lot. With this same tactic and hopefully higher author rewards again rolling forward things should really start taking off.

I'd love to hear some of your own goals with Hive and LEO. Drop them below and let me know what you have planned and how you plan to do it.

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